joi, 25 martie 2010

Légende de l'esprit des bois

You could have cut the silence in the castle with a knife. It shouldn't have been more than 12,midnight.
Only two lights were switched on ,inside and another two in the garden.The wind was passing through the forest surrounding the castle in dance moves.
A sinister scream broke up the silence. "It must have been a cat or a wolf" thought Joanne as she woke up and had her way to the big,Gothic, arcaded window of her room. The fool moon above the cloudy sky spread a phantomatic light. She just couldn't fall asleep.
"I might take a walk through the surroundings" she whispered for herself "I may even relax and than be in the right mood for sleeping". So she put on her clothes and had to the forest.
As she was walking through , an uncommon creature caught her sight and so,without noticing ,she started fallowing it. In a short time she lost herself in the woods. She turned back ,she turned left and than she rested against a tree. "What if?I might not be able to go back,then what?What am I supposed to do?" she said as she hold her head with her arms.
She saw the shinning again. This time it came closer to her.
"I mustn't fallow you,you got me here in the first place" she said as she was turning her back to the light that thing was providing

Maybe that was a bad idea. The girl never returned to the castle and only a few heard about a spirit of woods who guides lost people from the forest to their homes...
l'esprit des bois

Conffesions of Snow-white

I don't know why my history finishes with "They lived happily ever after".
"Ever after" sounds more like "forever and ever",and that folks wasn't even a lil' bit true.
What common fairy tales forget to mention is that in our land are just 3 princes: one -that was to be king, one that once at two months transforms him self in a frog and one which preffered to live beyond it's title ,more of a bohemian than a real king.

Mine as you've all expected was the one meant to be king. Yet i think he was more outgoing than the third prince. Sometimes i wish it was the bohemian the one to save me.Of -course I'm not ungratefull for the way he dissolved the slice of apple,but he was selfish and didn't let me at all fight anymore with people and animal cruelty .He said that is not a suitable job for a princess... so all i had to do is sing for him,dance with him and take care not to make him green with anger by talking with the gardener or any other masculine figure at the castle.
Even that so ...should i add that talking with him or with my mirror was exactly the same thing?
All in all,the days have passed and i discovered i have an uncommon form of nanism . In no more than 8 months i begun looking like a dwarf...still pretty--but just too short for him even to notice me.
So my beloved,after searching one year for a cure ,got bored and went on a trip by himself to chill his minds.
After one more year I received a letter signed by him ,his Sleeping beauty and their child saying that i can keep the title of queen of that land after his papa dies,because i deserve it and how he is very sorry ,but I have to release him because he found his true love and he will remain there.

That's how a dwarf became a queen---one that ruled by her self many years. It's said that she never remarried but she could be seen from time to time hand in hand with a bohemian stranger