miercuri, 2 iunie 2010

Article about an unusual holiday..aka Rain dance

First we must start with a definition of the word unusual.There are many kinds of things people call unusual .Seeing a ghost is unusual ,falling in love is unusual,seeing someone dying,a face to face talk with a bear might be unusual.
Sorry to ruin your fun though,I won't talk of any of these subjects.My holiday was trully something unique because it helped me see things that others might call usual in a hole new perspective(new means unusual)
Of course talking about all my holiday would be pointless.So i'll talk about that very own day when I made this special discovery .

It was raining -nothing special you might add. But have you ever stopped running when being in the middle of the storm just to watch the world around you ?

Rain makes people dance ! Some of them are making pirouettes trying to avoid the puddle,some of them are making reverences and lunges with their umbrellas trying to avoid the huge amount of raindrops that hit them with the speed of each furious car passing by.
People waiting at the buss station are shaking-shaking like crazy on a coregrafy full of rythm--probably trying to avoid cold entering into their bones.
Looked from above a rainy day it's seen like a big dance hall full of tangoing umbrellas.

Isn't it funny that something as common as rain,that from time to time transforms your mood into a cake of mellancoly can be a fabulous creative,new and interesting dance for your body?
I might sound crazy,but do me a favor: next time it rains dont run away hidding from it-- accept it and enjoy the show;)

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