sâmbătă, 2 octombrie 2010


Un zambet, o imbratisare, un salut
Se sparge o amintire din lut...
Doua vorbe , un fum si o cafea
Pe ritmuri de primaveri pierdute
Inima unei hipioate inca valsa
Vin si lac, muzica si rosu aprins... culori acum mute.
Vrea sa stearga ceea ce nu poate fi sters
Si sa inteleaga ceea ce nu e de inteles
Vrea ca pe zmee-- sa lege anii si sa-i aduca inapoi.

Atunci cand te pierzi intr-o lume numai a ta
E greu sa gasesti drumul de evadare din ea.
Frunze,un felinar,un drum cu fum cusut...
Si te zgarie o amintire- un ciob de lut.
Scari de miliarde de secunde solide
Si sfori de memorii fluide
Zmee spulberate de vant
Corbi de ani inecati in gand.

Pierdut in lumea ta de rosu aprins
Aiurand pe carari de primavara ce demult s-au stins.

vineri, 17 septembrie 2010


(Somewhere at the beginning of May 2010 )

I guess now i'm finally done
All the dreams and the feelings are now gone
It was nothing more than a drug
All the embarrassing facts and happiness were just like a poisonous hug.

Now the looks had vanished too,
Looks meant "I care",we act like we don't ,but from time to time we do.

It's only our imagination
Something to lie our selfs for our own satisfaction

We do know each other- yet we don't
We are just two strangers in search of gold.
Time to say goodbye ,hope there won't be any other poem invocations
Hope this will be the last translations...

For two strangers in search of gold

joi, 16 septembrie 2010


(27 august 2010)

She always asked her self if each person sees the world in different light
Wheter the the color are brither if you have greenish eyes by your side
Wheter people with brownish eyes are more melancolic but they never addmit
Wheter greenish-blueish people are just lost dreamers who don't know when to quit
Wheter the color of your eyes really makes you feel realitty deeper
And if any brown eyed person is the best secrets keeper
She kept wondering if she broke the wall of words and mind...
People will think that are stupid no more- the feelings that they tend to hide
Wheter the heart gets smarter after each hert-eache
If not,why does it beat faster for another person's sake?
But all where questions,she had no time to answear..

Like the spirals of smoke,she had no one to share side with
In one gloomy spring night a stranger shown her the phantomatic dance of smoke--her heart gained speed
Yet i said,no time to answear
In the first day of autumn she died of Cancer.
The questions flew away
To another dreamers mindSalvaţi acum
Hope she writes down-the answears-if she finds.

Efemer.. sau nu

Intr-o vara se schimba multe,asa se spune.Eu ma gandeam ca e vorba de personalitatea cuiva...la asta se referea, nu?nu si la locuri si obiceiuri..
De pilda, azi mi am baut cafeaua de dimineata tot pe scarile din spatele cofetariei iar tipul de la aparatul de cafea mi a urat "bine ai revenit" si domnul de la cofetarie parea suprins si bucuros sa ma revada tot acolo dupa atata timp.
Materiile si colegii s-au schimbat si ele/ei dar in bine.
Ceea ce m-a frapat si a fost cu adevarat surprinzator e faptul ca au inchis/baricadat trecerea din spate a locului cu care aveam o legatura..cu care empatizam... si jumate din partea din fata.
M-am comformat si am luat-o prin fata.
Ca sa va explic: e un loc umbros cu masuta si bancuta ,unde eu imi luam cafeau de pranz si unde mai stateam sa mai scriu si deci sa ma descarc. Era locul meu secret,era ca un cod-- o zna care imi apartinea in intregime mie.
Am spart acest cod doar de doua ori.
Odata cu o persoana in care aveam incredere ca va respecta locul si secretul si ,odata cu niste boboace..in care ma vedeam pe mine cand eram de varsta lor.
A doua oara a fost fatal pentru siguranta secretului meu ,locul s-a aglomerat de boboci care scrumau pe jos,faceau gunoi si ascultau muzica tare--asa ca au fost luate aceste masuri.

Acum nu mai e nimeni. Dar gradina nu mi mai apartine intru totul. ACUM are un gardian.
-o pisica alba din ceramica,cu ochii infioratori de albastrii,sta si priveste foarte atenta,cu suspiciune ,dintr-un colt al gradinii, spunand ca acest teritoriu ii apartine pe deplin.-

p.s pe mine m-a bagat in sperieti prima data pentru ca arata extrem de reala(cred ca asta era si scopul)

gardianul gradinii

miercuri, 15 septembrie 2010

A highschool day-or abut' freedom

(posted 14 septembrie)

There should be the rules- better thinked or to rewrite them.
prison bars Pictures, Images and Photos
From where came the idea of not letting anyone go out of school between the classes?
They have a notice that you weren't there- so why to bother?
You have a free hour between the classes and you are not even allowed to escape-go drink a coffee and come back.
After all it's your problem if and how you organize your time before the Bad-Adventure-Curse. And if you want to drink a freekin' coffee in your spare time..you should be allowed to do so .
How abut freedom? the freedom of expressing your own ideas and making them real?
Besides if your fuckin' sleepy how do they even expect(not demand) us to pay attention--'cause this is an important year and so.
Fuck it..fuck that (won't fuck tha headmaster-she's a bitch) the hell with her rules
Long live anarchy 'till the rules are changed

Terror's claw

(posted on 11 September)

Claws Pictures, Images and Photos

48 Hours till the nightmare beguns.
A nightmare can be named an exam or a test.
But of those you can escape quickly.
My nightmare will last one hole year and the decisions will i make/will i take in this nightmare will have effect on my real life.
It's kind of the Freddy Kruger story,but not that melodramatic, I mean I won't die in the end( hope, at least) but may destroy my hole future.
In this nightmare i have to endure tests of my logical and unlogical strength.
I have to forget all i've learned and yet remember it all.
This nightmare will end with a breakdown called the B.A.C (Bad-Adventure-Curse)
If my mind won't brake into millions of little pieces and if the claws of fear and stress won't make me commit the ultimate gest of life for which i started to smoke and
If i manage to wake up after 12 months with my life still being my life...
I promise to let you know.
We will meet right here ,on this bench ,next to the supermarket we used to hang out and I will say that I succeeded and that everything is alright and I will tell you how to defeat the curse
And you will hug me and we will forget about it all..in a glass of aromatic boiled wine


(posted 2 september)

autumn Pictures, Images and Photos
Smiles thrown in the wind
Stairs to haven - hard to build
Faces and memories- hard to forget
Point in life where you have nothing to regret
-Incomplete with having everything-
Little words and laughs lost around the grass and trees
Searching for happiness pills.

a reason

why haven't i written anything for a while?well,i did. but foolishly- I forgotten my password .but it's all fix now..new password :) i'll begin with today.but than i will probably post the other things i written .sorry for my english not being perfect. i'm a lil bit in a hurry;).

The third day of school..or abut things that are called mistakes.

I had an unpredicted test at English today.One of the subjects was talking about how life gives you the best lessons or how the best lessons about life are learnt by your own experience and giveing examples.
Everybody had a different subject.
I think the teacher gave me that subject on purpose-to see if i understand where have i really made mistakes in my life and if I regret or if i have the chance not to repeat them in the future.
She will be disappointed - I kept it plain.
Of course I done mistakes and things i'm not proud of,but i have my pride ! I'm a leo for cow's sake-- of course I will never admit that I regret some stuff-specially in front of my teacher.
Yet i said a true thing in the paper--we never actually listen to advices given by the oldish.(not actually suits our personalitty)
So now i had fun at highschool but i haven't learnt much and my grades are poopish ,so it is a posibillity i won't get to the University I want (and this is not a thing i can fix).
Of course i miss faces and voices that I was too proud and stupid to keep by myside.
Of course I regret being sooo "the not understanded bohemian teenager" -lonely wolf ;because now i don't have close friends in highschool.
I regret many though i won't change many.-
Because in the future present me- won't be me anylonger-
And i like "me" with good and bads.

miercuri, 2 iunie 2010

Article about an unusual holiday..aka Rain dance

First we must start with a definition of the word unusual.There are many kinds of things people call unusual .Seeing a ghost is unusual ,falling in love is unusual,seeing someone dying,a face to face talk with a bear might be unusual.
Sorry to ruin your fun though,I won't talk of any of these subjects.My holiday was trully something unique because it helped me see things that others might call usual in a hole new perspective(new means unusual)
Of course talking about all my holiday would be pointless.So i'll talk about that very own day when I made this special discovery .

It was raining -nothing special you might add. But have you ever stopped running when being in the middle of the storm just to watch the world around you ?

Rain makes people dance ! Some of them are making pirouettes trying to avoid the puddle,some of them are making reverences and lunges with their umbrellas trying to avoid the huge amount of raindrops that hit them with the speed of each furious car passing by.
People waiting at the buss station are shaking-shaking like crazy on a coregrafy full of rythm--probably trying to avoid cold entering into their bones.
Looked from above a rainy day it's seen like a big dance hall full of tangoing umbrellas.

Isn't it funny that something as common as rain,that from time to time transforms your mood into a cake of mellancoly can be a fabulous creative,new and interesting dance for your body?
I might sound crazy,but do me a favor: next time it rains dont run away hidding from it-- accept it and enjoy the show;)

rain Pictures, Images and Photos

marți, 11 mai 2010


Miss Saigon Pictures, Images and Photos

In the woods of broken dreams
Is a red haired girl who my story sings
She is dressed in hand-me-downs
And a bohemian spark her head crowns.

She learned to fight for her believes
And hold up through all the scenes
She had her up and downs,
She did mistakes ,she lost some fights
She cried,she sung ,she loved,she danced
She tried not to look back as time passed
She though of the world as a card of give and gain
She tried to avoid the solitude pain.

Loving nature,loved by nature
Loving people,hurt by people
Never stop believing
Never stop loving
Living everything intense
She burned her life like a candle.

If only she had a little bit more wax...

joi, 25 martie 2010

Légende de l'esprit des bois

You could have cut the silence in the castle with a knife. It shouldn't have been more than 12,midnight.
Only two lights were switched on ,inside and another two in the garden.The wind was passing through the forest surrounding the castle in dance moves.
A sinister scream broke up the silence. "It must have been a cat or a wolf" thought Joanne as she woke up and had her way to the big,Gothic, arcaded window of her room. The fool moon above the cloudy sky spread a phantomatic light. She just couldn't fall asleep.
"I might take a walk through the surroundings" she whispered for herself "I may even relax and than be in the right mood for sleeping". So she put on her clothes and had to the forest.
As she was walking through , an uncommon creature caught her sight and so,without noticing ,she started fallowing it. In a short time she lost herself in the woods. She turned back ,she turned left and than she rested against a tree. "What if?I might not be able to go back,then what?What am I supposed to do?" she said as she hold her head with her arms.
She saw the shinning again. This time it came closer to her.
"I mustn't fallow you,you got me here in the first place" she said as she was turning her back to the light that thing was providing

Maybe that was a bad idea. The girl never returned to the castle and only a few heard about a spirit of woods who guides lost people from the forest to their homes...
l'esprit des bois

Conffesions of Snow-white

I don't know why my history finishes with "They lived happily ever after".
"Ever after" sounds more like "forever and ever",and that folks wasn't even a lil' bit true.
What common fairy tales forget to mention is that in our land are just 3 princes: one -that was to be king, one that once at two months transforms him self in a frog and one which preffered to live beyond it's title ,more of a bohemian than a real king.

Mine as you've all expected was the one meant to be king. Yet i think he was more outgoing than the third prince. Sometimes i wish it was the bohemian the one to save me.Of -course I'm not ungratefull for the way he dissolved the slice of apple,but he was selfish and didn't let me at all fight anymore with people and animal cruelty .He said that is not a suitable job for a princess... so all i had to do is sing for him,dance with him and take care not to make him green with anger by talking with the gardener or any other masculine figure at the castle.
Even that so ...should i add that talking with him or with my mirror was exactly the same thing?
All in all,the days have passed and i discovered i have an uncommon form of nanism . In no more than 8 months i begun looking like a dwarf...still pretty--but just too short for him even to notice me.
So my beloved,after searching one year for a cure ,got bored and went on a trip by himself to chill his minds.
After one more year I received a letter signed by him ,his Sleeping beauty and their child saying that i can keep the title of queen of that land after his papa dies,because i deserve it and how he is very sorry ,but I have to release him because he found his true love and he will remain there.

That's how a dwarf became a queen---one that ruled by her self many years. It's said that she never remarried but she could be seen from time to time hand in hand with a bohemian stranger

joi, 14 ianuarie 2010

Campania pro stele

Intodeauna oamenii au tins sa creada ca exista o stea pe cer care le apartine,care ii calauzeste.Nimic de obiectat. Fiecare cu superstitiile lui. Atata timp cat nu e dovedit cerul nu va fi inlantuit,nu va fi proprietatea privata a nimanui, deci de ce sa nu ii lasam pe oameni sa creada?
Cand moare un om se spune ca piere o stea.Dar de ce doar un om?(asta e rasism...poate tu ti mai mult la animalul de companie decat la om,in memoria lor nu se inclina nimic.Animalele nu ajung in rai,desi sunt mai bune decat multi dintre noi. De ce?pentru ca nu sunt religioase.De aia.)
De asemenea specia umana cand naste o afectiune puternica pentru cineva fura o constelatie intreaga ."Uite x,aia este constelatia noastra .Stele alea seamana cu...(ceva ce reprezinta ceva pentru cei doi in cauza)".Apoi cand afectiunea se diminueaza in timp si constelatia paleste ,pana la moartea acesteia.
Imi inchipui ca daca totul ar fi real intr-un timp foarte scurt am ramane fara stele. Uhm si fara luna daca ma gandesc mai bine la varul meu care tot tipa din camera alaturata ca el vrea 'nuna',el vrea 'nuna de pe cer'.
Dar totul e bine atata timp cat nu toate credintele oamenilor sunt reale.Cat timp nu suntem Dumnezei si cat timp cu toate ca posibil,fiind foarte bogat ,chiar ti ai cumparat o constelatie,ea nu ti va apartine niciodata,ea nu va muri odata cu voi,ea nu se va supune dorintelor egoiste si varamane acolo simbol a ceva si pentru altii.
Hai sa nu fim egoisti sa nu rugam stele in genunchi sa si curme viata odata cu fericirea noastra