miercuri, 25 februarie 2009

The letters

There were once 2 good friends Tom and Jacob. Tom had a girlfriend ,her name was Yolanda. The story went well till Jacob realized that he started to care for Yolanda...and felt in love with her. So they sent some letters to explain:

It was nothing but what it should have been,
Another soul that was caught up in between,
Between her love and your lies,
Between her promises and her cries
Between the image of beginning and the one of the end
I'm sorry but to that soul I'll lend my hand.
I shall no longer be your friend,
When you'll realize your mistake
I hope you'll understand
She your shadow will no longer be
Now that she realizes she can be free


Dear Tom,

This is the time to say goodbye,
As I now know how much you lie
Forget it all,no memories ,no tears,
He'll be watching now, new memories , no fears
He was always there with a helping hand
Yet,I never saw him more than just a friend.
But now i know,my eyes see clear
When you run off ,it was he who was always here
All those nights and the mascara on his shoulder...
Now the story ends, it can't get any colder.
I'm leaving for a bright new day
Going as far as I can ,away,away
All those things we shared ,I'm now above
It's you Jacob the one I truly love.

Tom's Epilogue:

All the lies,the cheating ,the nights spent away
Have finally caught up with me
As i look at our names carved in the great old tree,
I can't believe it,she left me today !
It's the way I am, I've always been, can't change it
I used to love her,had everything,but now I'm hit
The way they planned ,such a big surprise .
To formal friends I'll have my words...
But I'll never forgive you,
Be happy together
Maybe that's the will of Gods

luni, 23 februarie 2009


Love..what a stupid word.
I remember me saying that there are no Fairy tales,but i didn't realized it till now.
You know,i really believed in Prince Charming,not as Charming but a man I could finally talk to without being afraid that what i will say may affect my social life,someone who truly thinks the same as i do...But there exists none.
I'm not good at receiving love declarations, smth that usually flatters people and on the other side when i start to care about someone ,things quite of ruin from themselves.
Love... a game which steps i can't play. I wonder why do people much ado for nothing.Every story ends at some point why then trying to make it a story?
Don't give me all that bullshit about "Life is short ,enjoy the moment,Love quotes and crap" ,I don't buy that. I admit I'm scared to get involved for all those reasons,mostly because it's a stupid game ,and you ofenly get hurt
You know..? they should put an inscription on it ,like to those lava lamps with colored something in them,that goes up and down when heated enough, it says " Do not open ,do not drink".Smth like that should be wrote on this game's instructions . Hmm.. I wonder why it hasn't got any?The one who invented it must have forgotten.And..a last reason for which this ain't no good? well it usually ruins beautifull friendships,if you are lucky...it only ruins new friendships not so solid.
And now you'll probably say that there are people whom got married ,are togheter and love each other,but a friend whom I've considered naive at that time,told me "There is no love for long time, it's just getting used to the person, getting attached by and just can't leave"

Then why to hurry?What to gain?
Love...such a stupid game for those who has not lost their faith